Metal Packagingsellacan offers individual solutions for almost all requirements in the field of metal packaging industry

Drying ovens for ends with different conveyor systems.
Drying of compound or lacquer (repair coating) on ends can be achieved by selecting the most suitable conveyor system for the specific type of ends.
Drying: Drying of compound or lacquer for cans and caps by mesh belt ovens, resp. ovens with special drive technology
Repair Coating: High Speed Spray Machines for repair coating of round easy open ends (EOE)

loetenSoldering Brazing lines and brazing equipment

As a manufacturer of Brazing Ovens sellacan offers solutions for all kind of equipment needed for construction of copper/brass and aluminum heat exchangers.
The continuous soldering plants are equipped with horizontal or vertical conveyor systems working either continuously or in indexing mode.
Aluminum Brazing under controlled gas atmosphere (CAB)
1. Semi- / Continuously working muffle furnace with mesh belt – typically for horizontal brazing Position for condenders, radiators and heaters
2. Continuous plants for brazing in vertical position of oil coolers, CAC, evaporators, P&B
3. Batch Type Furnaces with elevator for flexible use in both brazing positions and medium processing speed capacity, also for practical sample brazing / trails and development of heat exchangers



Continuous Furnaces under protective gas atmosphere / Batch Type Furnaces
Heat and surface treatment of mass-produced articles unter protective gas can be achieved in indirect heated muffle furnaces with/without water cooling or water quenching (see brazing under protective gas). The variety of requirements of our customers is met by designing furnaces with different conveyor belt widths, furnace lengths and batch capacities.
Conveyor Belt Ovens
For relaxation of material structure of metallic workpieces conveyor belt ovens are used, which can be electric or gas heated, and are equipped with air circulation fans. Range of temperature between 200 °C and 750 °C. Cooling down is achieved by air cooling section or indirect water cooling section.
Chamber Ovens
Chamber furnaces are used for small batches and small capacities, resp. for special applications
Rotary / Pallet Ovens
For ageing / tempering of steering parts/knuckles in different temperature ranges