We assume responsibility within the scope of our possibilities and scope for action by considering the consequences of our entrepreneurial decisions and actions in legal, economic, technological, social and ecological terms.

Code of Conduct:
A respectfully and responsible cooperation is integral part of the sellacan business conduct.
Key principles and guidelines of our actions and conduct towards customers, business partners and suppliers are summarised in the sellacan Code of Conduct, which applies to all business relationships between employees, managers, and business partners. This Code of Conduct is handed out to every employee.

Our managers are expected to actively exemplify these principles. All employees are treated with dignity and respect; tolerance and equal opportunities are important components of our actions.

Our qualified employees act in a goal-oriented, responsible, and committed manner to meet customer requirements.
We pay attention to diversity and equal opportunities.

Health and Safety:
Everyone at sellacan takes care to ensure the health and safety of all employees. Our goal is to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses and we realise this by risk assessments, protective measures, and suitable working conditions as well as regular training of our employees.
Laws, occupational health and safety regulations and company agreements are observed. The same applies at international assembly operations.

Requirements and expectations of our customers determines our actions. We supply them with high-quality, functional and economical products and individual solutions.

Environment / Energy:
We pay attention to climate protection and responsible use of resources, and want to increase environmental compatibility in product development, production and recycling/disposal and constantly optimise our processes.
We want to reduce emissions and use 100 % renewable electricity.
Waste should be avoided or reduced - we differentiate between waste for recycling and waste for landfill.

Complaints or concerns relating to our Code of Conduct, misconduct or breaches of regulations or laws, environmental or human rights issues can be reported confidentially and anonymously to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All complaints will be recorded and processed within 10 working days. The complainant does not have to expect any negative consequences.