Aluminum brazing under controlled gas atmosphere (CAB) CAB - Chargenofen
Since 2000 sellacan sold more than 70 Batch-Type-Furnaces world-wide (Status 2018) and offers a product perfected,  well introduced to the market and of high interest

due to the following benefits: :  

•    Variable use of different types of heat exchangers (size, weight, type). Capable of XXL dimensions

•    Vertical brazing (CAC, Oil Cooler, P&B) as well as horizontal brazing in the same furnace

•    Easy change of different types of cores to braze

•    Start-up equipment for newcomer in aluminum brazing

•    Suitable both for trial runs as well as development of heat exchangers

•    Appropriate for high-output production

•    Vacuum locks provide a better change of atmosphere inside the cores

•    Low energy consumption, simple stand-by operation and short heating-up time

•    Increased batch size with dimensions 1.300 x 1.000 x 2.300 mm  or 1.300 x 700 x 3.150 mm (h x w x l)

•    Sliding tables for batch weight of up to 750 kg gross

•    Semi continuous production by automatic rack circulation.