Repair Coating and Drying of upto 600 round Easy Open Ends per minute per lane.

We supply high speed machines designed for the metal packaging market. The output will be up to 600 ends per minute per lane. The base frame of the machine is built of steel profiles and welded steel plates. It is equipped with all guards and maintenance doors. The vacuum creating compressor and the feeding system (magnetic belt) into the drying oven are installed below the rotating table.

Details of our Spray Machines:
Table, rotating in vertical position, driven by an indexing gearbox 12 stations on the rotating table (16 stations for double-gun version)
Clamping and centering of ends by vacuum, rotating clamping plates on each station
Feeding of ends from the top, optionally with stack-height control system
Spraying of lacquer by Nordson gun
PLC VIPA, CPU 313SC, including all inlets and outlets for system-control of the total equipment
With Operator terminal TP700 Comfort 7” Touch
Index-transport of ends after spraying
Spray gun installed in a box with exhaust system as explosion prevention
Nordson MEG II spray gun in fixed position, ends are fixed by vacuum on rotating chuck plates.
Possibility to modify width of sprayed area and thickness of sprayed film

Spraymaschine R12S