sellacan Industrieofen GmbH located in Lage/Germany looks back onto long-time experience in design and manufacture of furnaces for industrial purposes.  Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been the backbone on which our company has been built.
For our customers we are a reliable and capable partner who provides by fair and close collaboration support in development and construction of parts and machines. We are steadily operating on improvement and enhancement of manufacturing processes and can provide a flexible and determined work to our valued customers.

At sellacan we feel that innovation not only applies to the development of new technologies or processes but also to the enhancement of process efficiencies in existing working procedures, by making energy reductions, by improving product quality and by protecting the environment.

Engineered to Order
Drying, brazing, aging or annealing of metal, sellacan can build a system for precise product process.   
Skilled engineers, designers, metal workers and electricians transform your specifications into a complete processing system. Factory-trained personnel are available to install, provide field supervision and/or field service work.

Continuing Support
As an industrial oven manufacturer, sellacan provides installation and start-up support for your equipment.  Service technicians are available to verify all safety circuitry, train operators and maintenance personnel, and re-run any quality checks required prior to putting the equipment into production.
sellacan equipment has a history of long and trouble-free service. In the event that a question or a problem does arise, our Service Department is available for spare parts, telephone support and remote maintenance, or on-site assistance as required.


Get in touch with our team
Whether distribution, service, purchasing department or project management, here you will get the right contact person